Common Symptoms of Cervical Spine Stenosis

Cervical spine stenosis can bring some major changes in your life as once you are hit by this disease your spinal cord or you can say spinal nerves will be compressed by narrowing down your spinal canal or the opening between your vertebrae. While condition itself is quite complicated it is not impossible to get treated if you notice it during the initial symptoms only and get the right treatment at the right time. Some of the common Cervical Stenosis Causes & symptoms can be summarized as follows.

You can get cervical spine stenosis congenitally just the way cervical and lumbar spine stenosis are, but there can be difference in the way they are manifested. Most of the time this disease is caused because of degenerative changes like arthritis, disc degeneration, changes due to aging, bone spurs, etc. As the condition start progressing you will start feeling pain in your neck, back, legs, ache in legs while walking, radiating pain in your lower back region, problem in walking, loss of bowel and disruptions in bladder function.

The thoracic spinal canal in human beings in naturally narrow, thus people suffering from this problem become intolerable towards extra pressure on their spinal cord caused because of cord compression.


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