North Colorado Spine and Orthopedics Gives My Life Back After Spinal Fusion Surgery

Many might know about the severity of spinal fusion surgery one of the most complicated surgeries to undergo. The fusion surgery might long last for hours depending upon the patient’s situation. I was forced to under such complicated surgical process after I meet with major accident in highway. Since, it is a complicated surgery, my family members approached North Colorado Spine & Orthopedics who are considered as the best when it comes to treating spine related issues in Colorado. To be frank, their doctors are well capable of treating their patients by both operative and non-operative ways. Their doctors completely analyzed by condition and explained in details to my family members about its severity however, they also assured that they can bring me back to normal life.Image result for residential electricians

With their assurance, my family members agreed to do spinal fusion surgery for me. Just like the doctors said the operation long lasted around 5 hours and in the end the results are positive. My family members are happy to see me back after undergoing such major surgery. Thanks to the doctors in the facility they even treat patients with herniated disc symptoms pretty casually. Their success rate in handling those critical spinal surgeries are high when compared with all other hospitals nearby.


My Experience on Treating My Cervical Herniated Disc in Neck Region

For several months, I suffered so much pain in my arms, chest and shoulder parts during the morning session. To be frank, I even felt like they are death several times. While undergoing a checkup with the North Colorado Spine & Orthopedics on knowing more about my condition, they conveyed be about having a cervical herniated disc in my C6 part of my neck. I was really afraid and worried about my survival, however, their experienced doctors advised me that it can be treated completely and I can get back to my normal life after spending few weeks for post surgical pain management.
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With their doctor’s assurance and advice I gained by confidence and agreed to get treatments from them. To be open, they are highly professional when it comes handling their patients and I felt like being in home away from my home. All their supports staffs and doctors helped me a lot on gaining mental strength and finally I went to spine surgery for a cervical herniated disc removal. With the success, now I am back to my normal life after completing those pain management session which not seen in many nursing homes in the town. I personal thank North Colorado Spine & Orthopedics for giving my life back.