Various Osteoarthritis Back Treatment Colorado as Per Severity Level of Patients

Osteoarthritis or arthritis is a major cause of low back and neck pain in many people of more than 50 years age. Lower back consists of five different facet joints sets, including the one on left and other one on right side of every spinal bone. Similar to any other joints present in our body, facet joints of lower back area suffer injury or become inflame. In this situation, you have to look for proper osteoarthritis back treatment Colorado, as we have mentioned in this blog post.

Treatment Depends on Severity Level of a Patient

Positively, most of us succeed to relieve from osteoarthritis pain by simply bringing some changes in our lifestyle, like reducing body weight, involving in specific spine exercises and avoiding cigarette smoking. On the other way, if bringing lifestyle changes fail to relieve pain completely, experts related to pain in spine from osteoarthritis Colorado recommend for other treatment plans.

These focus on controlling back and/or neck pain and bringing improvement in the functional ability of a patient. Medication is useful to reduce or avoid the inflammation, which reduces the body’s stiffness and pain. In only severe cases, doctors recommend for surgical treatment to deal with pain and avoid disability of patients.