Get All Your Spine Problems Solved

Are you suffering from a joint pains or back pain and looking for some medical remedy or treatment to get rid of your spine problems? A chiropractor can help you get rid of these pains and we have the best chiropractors. At North Colorado Spine & Orthopaedics we have every treatment you can think of to get you rid of your spine problems or any other problem related to joints and muscles. We take immense pride in acclaiming the best trained and professional team surgeons in Kansas City. We are just the best if it comes to spinal care especially if it is about scoliosis of lumbar spine or artificial disc replacement in Lumbar.


We are committed to excellence and we are patient centered institution. We not just provide the treatment of acute and chronic problems; we strive to integrate the doctrine of prevention. Our team has extensive experience and training in complex spinal reconstruction, revision and also scoliosis surgery. We extend our services to paediatric patients as well. Trust our expertise in treatment of complex adult spine problems where deformity exists or revision surgery is necessary. We serve in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas. You can fill an online form at and we will call you back.