Colorado Scoliosis Treatment – A New Ray of Hope

Spine and Disc Centers of Colorado has come up with several treatment options to get rid of chronic back pain that might have caused because of several reasons. One such reason for back pain is scoliosis, which is diagnosed at an early age in most of the patients with common signs being deformity in their back bone, ribs and hips.


The most popular Colorado Scoliosis Treatment in scoliosis surgery, which has come a long way ever since it was conducted for the first time. With advancement in technology new tools and instruments have also been developed to bring precision to the surgical process that involves attachment of screws and rods to the back bone.

Patient has to remain under observation in hospital for at least six days post the treatment so that complete healing can be followed. Once dismissed from the hospital, patient can go back to their work as their back will be straighter then before. However, they need to limit their activities like standing, walking, sitting, etc. for a while along with no physical exertion for complete relief and quick healing.